Never Stay In Line

DUCE Spiral Rods are a game changing technology. Made with the industry’s best components, the spiraling eyelet design reduces torque and gives you better control of your catch. Designed with passion for the passionate fisherman, our unique line up of rods will leave you wondering why you ever stayed in line in the first place. Join us and #neverstayinline.



  • DUCE Rods are the lightest, most durable rods I’ve ever used. Those qualities combined with the sensitivity make them the only rods I want to fish with.

    Shane Curole

    Co-Founder of Team Hookedonyak

  • As an avid Kahyak fisherman I test the quality of my equipment on every trip. I require a durable fishing rod for the times a big fish bends it completely under my Kayak. Yet, I value a light weight rod allowing me to walk the dog all day with comfort. For the first time, I have found my quiver of one in Duce Rods. I have yet to use a rod that compares to the durability, sensitivity and overall performance my Duce rods provide on every trip. I’m Hooked!

    Brent Domingue

    Co-Founder of Team Hookedonyak

  • DUCE Rods are by far the best rods that I have ever owned. They are light, sensitive, and strong as steel. These are the only rods I want on my boat.

    Trevor Braun

    Co-Founder of Team Hookedonyak

  • The back bone in the new DUCE rods are unbelievable and the micro guides minimize line slap on the blank allowing for greater distanced on each cast. Longer casts means more distanced covered which equates to more fish.

    Capt. Steve Smith

    Stillwater Outfitters

  • The benefits of using a Duce rod with the spiral wrap guides has given me further casting and accuracy of my casts. The rods are built to hold up to hard usage, I have really put them to the test having caught big saltwater fish, 30+ lb Redfish and Black drum weighing over 40 pounds. Once you put a Duce rod in your hand, your Duced and done!

    Capt. Elvis Jeanminette

    Top Rod Fishing show and Top Rod Fishing Charters

  • Duce Rods have changed my red fishing tournament game; the spiral wrap increases my confidence of boating every fish hooked, lighter blanks allow me to fish all day with little fatigue, and the micro guides produce long cast with minimal effort... Whipping a stud red in skinny water on a Med-Light Duce is a true thrill.

    Brian “Freddy” Frederick

    Galveston Redfish Series Pro

  • I have really enjoyed the increased casting distance made possible with the spiral wrap to make those much needed long casts especially on clear lakes.

    John Bryant

    University of Alabama Bass Fishing Team Member

  • I started using DUCE rods about a year ago and have found that I am feeling more bites with the micro guides. I’ve fished from 1 ft to 50 ft of water and have great feel from the rod tip to the reel seat. These rods have the power and strength to get fish out of any environment; match that with their lightweight construction they are a dream for someone who has flipped 2 oz tungsten weights all day long.

    Michael Roger

    Duce Rod Field Staffer

  • I've used many different rods during my days of fishing... Duce outperforms them all. I’ve never used a better rod as fas a sensitivity and design. Its so sensitive I can feel the current move past my lure when I dead stick it and have never thrown a popping cork as far as I can with these rods.

    Joey Taylor

    Holy City Outdoors

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